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Scheduling Live Sessions


In the second phase of Level II trainings, Therapists should email their trainer (Dr. Terry Hargrave at or Wib Newton at to arrange for Dr. Hargrave or Dr. Newton to observe two live therapy sessions via WeCounsel or other video conferencing site:

We will need to schedule an hour and a half.  This is to facilitate a normal 50 minute to one hour session and then a 30 minute consultation with you.  We will do two separate hour and a half sessions.

If your trainer uses WeCounsel, you will be emailed an invitation from to become a client. You will need to go on the site to register as a client following the easy instructions. You and your trainer will then go on the WeCounsel site at the scheduled time to make connection for the session. does meet HIPPA requirements.

Video Conferencing can be terrific and frustrating!

For those of us who use video conferencing on a regular basis, we know that the connection can sometimes be great and sometimes frustrating.  Here is what I suggest.

  1.  Make the connection with me and set up your computer to show your work with your client.  Your computer mic should be sufficient to pick up voice, but if you have an external mic that is better, do not hesitate to use it.
  2. If we cannot make the initial connection work, we will likely need to reschedule.
  3. If we start the session with a good connection, we may lose the connection sometime during the session.  I would suggest that you schedule a time about half way through your session (just tell your client you will be doing this) to make sure we are still connected.  If not, we will remake the connection and move on.  With this exception half way through, don’t worry about whether or not the connection is made and go on with your work with the client (for this is the most important thing).  We will have technical problems and we will trust that we can see enough work to make sure the consultation is helpful.  If I do not get enough of the session, we will either reschedule or make other arrangements for an audio recording.
  4. You and I will consult with one another immediately after the session.

Remember to Get a Signed Consent from the Client

As I stated before, I am really there to help you and am not consulting on the case itself.  I am, however, viewing the session and so your client will need to sign a release informing them of the purpose of the observation and that: 1) I am bound by the same ethics and rules of confidentiality; 2) that the signal of WeCounsel is encrypted and secure; 3) that no video or audio recording will be made of the session; and 4) I will not be given any identifying information regarding the client.  Just have this signed before your session and you will be good to go!



Remember that Any Part of Your Work is Valuable for Observation!

No matter what part of the RT model you are using (pain cycle, truth, peace cycle or practice), the process is helpful for me to see and help you master the techniques. Whether the session goes well or not, all is valuable in helping you learn the techniques and practice of RT.  Don’t be afraid to show challenging clients or show clients where you don’t think much is happening.  All work is valuable to the process!!


Please let me know if you have specific questions.  


Dr. Terry Hargrave


Cell:  806-676-1816



Dr. Wib Newton



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