Level II Certified Restoration Therapy Training


In the Certified Level II of Restoration Therapy, you have the opportunity to command and perfect the RT techniques in a small group where you have your actual case work reviewed in consultation.  All the elements of learning how to efficiently organize the client narrative, understand identity and safety patterns of the client, moving toward emotional regulation of the client through effective use of mindfulness–all of these elements come together in the Level II training.  Not only will you learn how to become an RT therapist, you will gain confidence in your understanding of how to move clients toward real and long lasting change.

In Level II Certified Training, participants learn in a small group setting limited to only 8 participants.  The Level II training is divided into three phases:  Phase One is a 2-day meeting where the group of eight comes together to show video and audio work from their caseloads.  Participants quickly learn that while everyone is nervous to show their work to others, the consultation, review and practice led by Terry Hargrave, Ph.D. or Wib Newton, Ph.D. becomes invaluable to the learning process.  Phase Two is an opportunity for the consultant to view 2 live sessions of your work in your regular practice where you will be given immediate and helpful feedback on your skill building in RT.  Phase Three is one last 2-day meeting with the entire group of eight to once again go over individual video/audio cases.  It is a time not only to acknowledge the growth that has taken place, but also chart new courses in therapeutic goals and direction.

Enrollment in Level II trainings is limited to only 8 participants so each person can feel at ease and unintimidated by a small and supportive group.  Level II training is approved for 27 continuing education credits from the American Psychological Association (APA).

The next training is in San Diego/Carlsbad (Phase One: February 9-10, 2018; Phase Three: April 27-28, 2018) led by Terry D. Hargrave, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives for Level II Training

As a result of the Level II training, Participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate competency (through live or video recorded sessions) in identifying emotional violations and the “Pain Cycle” with a client or clients.
  2. Demonstrate competency (through live or video recorded sessions) in identifying emotionally regulating truth through re-parenting, imagery or cognitive techniques with a client or clients.
  3. Demonstrate competency (through live or video recorded sessions) in emotionally regulating a client or clients utilizing the “Peace Cycle.”
  4. Demonstrate competency (through live or video recorded sessions) in working through the “Four Steps” with a client or clients.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to be responsive to be emotionally congruent with the Restoration Therapy material through individual practice of emotional regulation and growth.

Upcoming Trainings


February 9-10, 2018 and April 27-28, 2018

Receive consultation on your live and recorded sessions. Practice interventions that facilitate responsible change of persistent patterns.

Led by Terry Hargrave, Ph.D.
San Diego (Carlsbad), California
Cost: $700.00

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Level 2 Trainings limited to 8 participants | Earn 27 CEUs

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