Collaborative Partners and Programs

Restoration Therapy has a strong tradition of collaboration with other centers and psychoeducational programs.  Because RT is such an organizing way to help people grow and change, there are many applications of the methodology.

The Boone Center for the Family helps communities within churches, academic institutions and Christian organizations by providing programs and training to empower and enable the communities’ leaders. We are lucky enough to have our programs underwritten by generous donations and grants, allowing us to offer them at a cost making them accessible to the widest possible audience.

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Both mental health professionals and lay leaders facilitate RelateStrong groups within academic institutions, churches, and Christian organizations around the world. The groups are educational (not therapeutic) by design, so while leaders benefit from a psychological background, it is not a requirement. Some leaders co-facilitate with their spouse, which is encouraged.

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Some practitioners of Restoration Therapy do most of their therapeutic work in RT and also do training and supervision.

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The International Conference on Contextual Therapy:

Dr. Terry Hargrave will be speaking at the International Conference on Contextual Therapy in Budapest, Hungary in October, 2020.  To learn more about this event, visit