Hire Dr. Terry Hargrave

I can assure you that I am easy to work with when you are looking for a workshop or seminar presentation.  Most often, people contact me via email and tell me about the topic of interest and inquiring about dates and fees.  Please do contact me!

Fees for Presentation

Please contact me about my workshop fee but it usually ranges from $2500 to $3500 depending on the length of the workshop.

Travel Expenses

I am very flexible in trying to accommodate low travel expenses.  I do like a nice hotel room, but it certainly does not have to be fancy.  I will work with you to try and secure the lowest possible airline ticket.  Usually, I am only reimbursed for travel and hotel.  Please let me know your reimbursement policy and time frame.

Cancellation Policy

I have only once canceled or missed a workshop that I contracted for.  If I cancel for any reason, I will reimburse you for any workshop related expenses that you cannot recoup due to the cancellation.  If you cancel the workshop, there is no penalty.  I only ask that you reimburse any cancellation fees that I cannot recoup from nonrefundable airline tickets.

Preferred Setup for Workshops

When Dr. Hargrave has been sponsored for workshops in the past, most groups ask what type of room setup he prefers.  This list is intended to give you an idea of what he likes in a room when he makes a presentation.  Do not worry if you cannot provide this type of setup because Dr. Hargrave can work in almost any kind of situation if participants are willing to listen.  He is very “laid-back” and anything but an obsessive-compulsive workshop leader.

  • Chairs set up in a theater or classroom style which allows access to the center of the room.
  • LCD Projector and Screen.  I will have my own computer that I will hook into the projector.  If the room is amplified, an additional audio hookup for the computer is nice but not essential.
  • One large erasable marker board with sturdy foundation.
  • Wireless lapel microphone if the room requires sound amplification.
  • Small table.  I do not use a podium and do not stay rooted to one spot when I teach.  I need a small surface, however, to keep my notes and materials within easy reach.
  • Book table in the rear of the room to serve for books.  It is helpful to have his books available at the workshop for participants to purchase if they so desire.  It works best if you will contact publishers directly to order books for sale that pertain to your topic.  They will offer the books to you at a discount and you can return any unsold books.