Level 3 Certified Restoration Therapy Training

Go Further by Training in Level lll Consultation

In the Certified Restoration Therapy (Level III), you have the chance to go further with more consistency in applying the therapy to your own clients. In this format, up to four individuals can have an on-line consultation with Dr. Terry Hargrave or other Restoration Therapy trainers to talk through their cases, share case videos if they wish and get practical help in hearing ideas that can make the theory work. Level III work not only prepares you to be a better Restoration Therapy practitioner, but also helps you sharpen your Restoration Therapy “eye” to eventually do your own case consultations with others using the model.

Case consultations are scheduled for one hour segments and to achieve a Level III certification, you will need to complete 24 hours of consultation within a 14 month time span. Most will consult every two to three weeks on their way to Level III certification and the time span leaves ample time for holidays, vacations and occasional cancellations.

You have learned the theory in Level I and practiced the skills and Level II. Now is your opportunity to move yourself into a
position of knowledge and advocacy with Restoration Therapy to feel a new level of confidence in your work.

Make Your Appointment for Consultation with Dr. Terry Hargrave

1. Sign up for individual consultation below: cost is $100 for 1-on-1 consultation.

2. Sign up for group consultation below: cost is $25 for groups 4 and larger; if fewer than four individuals sign up the $100 consultation fee will be divided by the number of group members. 

3. Contact Dr. Terry Hargrave to discuss alternative consultation times at drtdhargrave@gmail.com

Participants will be invoiced for their portions of the charges on a pay-as-you-go basis.

(The nature of case consultation does not qualify for continuing education nor licensing supervision.)

Consultation Appointment Times (Pacific Standard Time)