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Restoration Therapy

Restoration therapy is a new approach to assessment, treatment and healing in individual, marital and family therapy.  It utilizes techniques and theory that help individuals gain clear insight about their identities and perspectives on relationships as well as giving the therapist a cadre of intervention techniques that move individuals into responsible change of persistent and long standing patterns.

Coming from a tradition of Contextual Family Therapy, the Restoration approach provides the therapist with clarity of assessment of individual and relational issues yet utilizes sound mindfulness strategies to produce real and long-lasting systemic change.

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5 Days to A New Marriage

Can a marriage really change in five days? According to marriage experts and therapists Terry Hargrave and Shawn Stoever, the answer is YES. Whether your marriage needs to be rescued from desperate trouble or simply could improve from good to great, change is possible. The authors share how almost every marital conflict comes from the same place: a pattern of emotional pain buried deep within every husband and wife. When couples recognize this cycle, then learn to replace it with more marriage-affirming patterns, the results are breathtaking. Tired, predictable arguments transform into life-giving interactions. Relationships are changed forever. The authors draw from broad counseling experiences, current mindfulness studies, and recent advances in brain research—along with case examples, practical exercises, and scriptural lessons—to refresh and heal even the most problematic marriages. A better marriage is possible. A lifetime of joy is just five days away.

Advances and Techniques in Restoration Therapy

Advances and Techniques in Restoration Therapy focuses on the practical elements of the Restoration Therapy Model to help mental health professionals working with individuals, couples, and families, to restore broken identities and senses of safety, and to move toward action that is functional and healing. Richly illustrated with case examples from experienced clinicians, this volume brings new insights and a range of established and emerging therapeutic techniques to the framework and Restoration Therapy community. This is an innovative and much-needed step-by-step manual, which will provide marriage and family therapists and counselors with practical ways of applying key interventions to varied situations of pain, to help clients find functional, healing solutions with integrity.

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