Recent Growth and Successes

Restoration Therapy is a relatively new model of psychotherapy developed with the desire to utilize an efficient combination of attachment, emotional regulation and mindfulness practices. Terry Hargrave, Ph.D. and Franz Pfitzer, M.D. along with collaborative colleagues developed the RT model through years of clinical work in a variety of therapy situations. Coming from a tradition of Contextual Family Therapy, Attachment Theory and Neuropsychology, the RT model keeps both therapist and clients organized to make sound systemic changes in individuals and relationships.

Based on the book, Restoration Therapy: Understanding and Guiding Healing in Marriage and Family Therapy by Terry D. Hargrave and Franz Pfitzer and over 30 years of therapeutic and psychiatric practice. As the founder of the model, Dr. Terry Hargrave started a certified training in Restoration Therapy in 2014 (Level I and II).

Because Restoration Therapy is primarily a clinical approach, work is progressing and evolving with more effective understanding and techniques. For instance, 5 Days to a New Self (co-authored by Terry and Sharon Hargrave) clearly delineates client issues of safety and empowering strategies to exist in an unsafe world. As well, the first outcome data on RT uses with couples is coming out in 2018.

Restoration Therapy: Understanding and Guiding Healing in Marriage and Family Therapy

How can a therapist help his or her clients, and ensure that they continue to maintain the insights and motivations learned during therapy in everyday life, beyond termination? Restoration Therapy is a professional resource that introduces the reader to the essential elements of its namesake, and from there guides clinicians to a systemic understanding of how certain forces lead to destructive cycles in relationships, which perpetuate more and more dysfunction among members. Clients and therapists both will understand issues more clearly, experience the impacts that emotion can have on insight, and practice the process so more loving and trustworthy relationships can take hold in the intergenerational family.

5 Days to a New Self

In this short five-chapter volume, you will find a dynamic chance to change direction in your life.  First you will understand yourself and what triggers you in a simple way that produces new insight into old behaviors.  Next you will learn to empower yourself to confront negative messages about your identity and safety.  This empowerment then gives you the opportunity to develop and easy to use map to experience life as your best self.  Finally, you step into the process of mindfully practicing these new behaviors in your relationships making a difference in your family and your community.  All in five days?  Yes.  You can do this work to put yourself on a totally new pathway in five days.