Restoration Coaching

Restoration Coaching is a non-clinical, cognitive framework for moving clients toward Best-Self actions, in order to achieve personal + professional goals, using psycho-educational tools and self-regulation.

Understanding Restoration Coaching

Overview | RC Training

What distinguishes Restoration Coaching from other industry-specific coaches, is its foundation in the principles of Restoration Therapy, which include Mindfulness, Self-Regulation, and Attachment Theory. That foundation allows both coach and client to clearly understand the client’s destructive patterns of behavior and promote lasting behavioral change.

Another advantage of Restoration Coaching is that it provides the coach with a clear understanding of how violations of love and trust develop into problems of identity and safety, and inhibit the client from establishing and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Restoration Coaching’s cognitive methodology equips coaches to conceptualize their clients’ experiences, emotions, and reactions. Clients can be empowered by understanding the cognitive map of their identity and safety patterns, moving them forward in pursuing their goals through best-self actions.

Note: This training is designed for participants who are already certified as professional coaches. It does not certify the participants to become coaches. Other professionals such as consultants, pastors and lay leaders may also benefit from this training.