RT Therapy Training

Restoration Therapy Training is a clinical approach combining the benefits of attachment theory, emotional regulation and mindfulness into an efficient, outcome based therapy that provides clarity and change for the client + organized process and goals for the therapist.

Restoration Therapy Training

Overview | Level 1 Training | Level 2 Training | RT Consultant Training

Restoration Therapy is an outcome based approach to Marriage and Family Therapy that allows the therapist to work in an organized and efficient way with clients to produce understanding, support and direction in the client change process. Combining the benefits of Attachment Theory, Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness, the RT approach empowers both the therapist and client in clarifying issues, producing insight, identifying both positive and negative patterns and mindfully producing sound neuropsychological practice and change.

In Level I Training, participants learn the basic foundations of the theory as well as the most essential techniques. Learning the essentials is clear and most techniques are demonstrated by a cadre of experts in Restoration Therapy trained by Terry Hargrave. Enrollment in Level I trainings is limited to only 20 participants so each person can feel at ease in exploring questions and interactions in a cozy group.

In Level Il Training, therapists work in small groups of no more that 8 participants. Learning by viewing and demonstrating actual casework from audio and video sources, participants receive direct feedback on their work and cases from a trained expert in Restoration Therapy. Further, participants in Level II receive two individual case reviews/consultations with the training. Level I prepares participants with the knowledge of the model, Level II gives them the confidence and expertise to perfect the techniques and skills in their work.

In the Restoration Therapy Consultant Training, participants have the chance to go deeper in learning and application of the RT approach with their clients through consultation. In this format, up to four individuals can have an on-line consultation with Dr. Terry Hargrave or other Restoration Therapy trainers to talk through their cases, share case videos if they wish and get practical help in hearing ideas that can make the theory work. Becoming a Restoration Therapy Consultant work not only prepares you to be a better Restoration Therapy practitioner, but also helps you sharpen your Restoration Therapy “eye” to eventually do your own case consultations with others using the model. Participants complete 24 hours of consultation within a 14 month time span.

RT Level I Training

Learn the basic foundations and techniques of the Restoration Therapy approach in a 14 hour CE event over two days led by an expert Trainer in RT!

RT Level II Training

You learned the basics in Level I, now extent your expertise in perfecting the application of the Restoration Therapy approach with your actual casework through review and consultation with an expert RT Trainer in a 27 CE process.

RT Consultant Training

Meet for individual or group consultation with an expert RT Trainer on a regular basis over a 14 month time period to sharpen your skills in assessment, application and intervention in the RT approach.