Charles Threatt


Charles has a background in Christian ministry, high school counseling, and Dad’s Corp, a government program teaching fathers to be better fathers. He also has a real understanding of the needs and challenges of adolescents, due to his childhood experience of overcoming obstacles and breaking stereotypes on his path to earning a Master’s Degree and becoming a counselor. Charles draws strength and wisdom from the perspective that his difficult upbringing gave him and uses them as a platform from which to empower others and is able to simultaneously connect with them while including and supporting their families. Charles also works with adults, both individuals and couples. Charles uses a holistic approach in his counseling – helping clients discover who they are by retracing their past and using it in order to better understand who they are today. By facing the pain from their past, the client is able to take control of their life and be empowered to become the best possible version of themselves.


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RT Certifications

RT Therapist – Level II

Carlsbad, CA
United States