Terri Slaughter

Licensed Professional Counselor

Terri Slaughter is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Amarillo Texas and a Texas board approved Supervisor. She holds a B.A.A.S in Life Science and Marketing and a Masters in Counseling from West Texas A&M University. Previously she served as a school counselor, began her private practice in 2007 and now currently works as a private practice therapist with the offices of Amarillo Family Institute. She specializes in working with individuals (16 years and older) and couples using Restoration Therapy to address a variety of issues including women’s issues, depression, anxiety, grief, blended family concerns, and marriage.

She holds Level II certification in Restoration Therapy and actively pursues those principles in practice and a certified Affair Recovery Specialist. Outside of therapy her interests include travel, reading, music, and time with good friends and family. She is blessed with a son nearing adulthood.

She may be reached at terri.slaughterlpc@gmail.com

RT Certifications

RT Therapist – Level II


Amarillo, TX
United States